• The SnowUpdateService (SUS) client bundled with your software updates now require a minimum of .NET Framework 4.5.2 to run

Software Updates

Create a package containing all software updates available for your Snow system

How to export a product manifest file

  1. Open the Snow Update Service client
  2. Click "Change settings" in the left menu
  3. Select the checkbox "Use offline mode" and click "Save"
  4. In the left menu, click "Export product manifest" (if this link is not present, see guide below)
  5. Click "Export" and choose a location to save the product manifest file
  6. When you click "Choose file" in the form on this page, select that file

If the "Export product manifest" link is not present even if you have followed the instructions above, you need to manually update your client:

  1. Download the client as a zip file from here
  2. Stop the SnowUpdate windows service, the client app and the traynotification app
  3. Overwrite your local sus installation with the files in the zip file
  4. Then follow the instructions to export a manifest from the client above
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